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Here you'll find sweet themed handbags, headpieces, and decor! All items are 100% sugar and calorie free! Everything is made to order. We hope you find something that delights your eyes and tickles your tummy. Are you dreaming of something yummy? We'd love to make your dreams come true! Feel free to contact us!

White Bridal Cake Purse

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Kawaii/Melanie Martinez Inspired Cake Bag

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Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog creates handmade, custom-couture, sweet-themed handbags for your special day! Create a purse to match your wedding gown or gift your bridal party. We can even replicate your wedding cake as a handbag. If you're looking for something to set you apart, Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog can make your handbag dreams come true! Contact us today at or text us at 917.442.8906.  We ship globally.

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Cake Purse

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Sweet Art Werk by Candy Marlo

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People Are on a Sugar High from Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog

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Wow! ❤️

Pnina Tornai, "Say Yes to the Dress"/Kleinfeld's Wedding Dress Designer

Omg! I want it!

Laganja Estranja, "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars", S6

Omg! I need this in my life!

Kelly Osbourne

You are the sweet purse queen!!👏👏👏

Elise Strachan, My Cupcake Addiction

We love you and your art!

Mally Roncal, Make Up Artist Mogul, Mally

This is so cool!

Sami Sages, CEO of Betches Media

These purses are crazy adorable. I mean really, really cute!

Wedding MBA

OMG, the purse is spectacular! I'm so excited about it!

Barb Stitzer, Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine

Macaron Tower Purse by Cake Purse

Wedding Cake Purse by Cake Purse

Ice Cream Rainbow Cone Purse by Cake Purse

Glitter Cake Purse by Cake Purse