What is Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog?

Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog are handmade, cake-inspired handbags and art for those with a passion for fashion and a sweet tooth.   


How long does it take to create my Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog handbag?

Currently standard Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog handbags have a 3-4 week creation period.  Custom orders for weddings and the like do require a longer creation time.  


I need my Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog handbag sooner than 3 weeks.

Creation and shipping may be expedited for rushed fees.  Please contact us to share your needs and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


What are Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog handbags made from?

Cake Purse by Ms. Candy Blog handbags are made of 100% inedible ingredients, and are sugar and calorie free.


How are Ms. Candy Blog Design's pieces made?

Ms. Candy Blog Design's pieces are handmade.


Where are Ms. Candy Blog Design's made?

Ms. Candy Blog Design is 100% made in America in the Garden State, New Jersey.


Who creates Ms. Candy Blog Design's pieces?

Ms. Candy Blog Design's Founder and Creator, Ms. Candy Blog is the first candy live-streamer, a World of Wonder (Emmy winning company of RuPaul’s Drag Race) award nominated YouTuber and a bestselling author.  Featured in the New York Times and Huffington Post, the entrepreneur has created a number of properties focusing on all that is sparkly and sweet.


How can we get in touch with Ms. Candy Blog Design's team?

Please contact us here or text us at +1.732.236.0405.