Donut Handbag | Donut Purse | Donut Bag.

Donut Handbag | Donut Purse | Donut Bag

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Donut Handbag | Donut Purse | Donut Bag

Donut lover? Well then show your feelings with this huge doughnut bag!

Created with 100% inedible products, this handmade “donut” is decorated with frosting and covered with the toppings of your choice! This bag is sure to delight you for years to come!  

Donut is frosted strawberry and will come on a gold chain.

Donut purse stands 2” high, 9” wide and 9” long. Bag can be worn as a clutch or on a chain approx. 43" (chain in photo not included).  Handbag opens from the back with a cavity big enough to hold cards and cash.  Purse is lined with a vinyl backing and zipper.

Please know each item is handmade to order.  Actual item will have variations from photo seen here.

In the event you'd like to customize your donut or design something sweet, please feel free to contact us.